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What PPS One Can Do For Your Business?

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At this moment there is no other PPS product available that serves the same deep integration to SAP Business One as PPS One.

PPS One is the only PPS, integrated to SAP Business One that is designed and developed to fully use SAP Business One’s:

– Item Masterdata
– Business Partners (Customer and Suppliers)
– Sales Management
– Purchasing
– Accounting
– User Management

PPS One is integrated to SAP Business One using SAP Business One SDK (Software Development Kit) with the User Interface (UI) and its Data Interface (DI).

PPS One and SAP Business One use the same Database. Redundant data does not exist.

Using the namespace “PPSOne”, reserved worldwide by SAP, core services of SAP Business One, like queries and alarm functions, are able to access PPS One data easy and fast.

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